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  • Ready for the dance floor or a board game night

    Neat's bright fruit flavors and light, crisp taste allow it to be your drink of choice anywhere - we recommend enjoying it chilled and as a shot with friends old and new!

  • Real, natural ingredients

    Ever wonder why mass-produced, "green bottle" strawberry soju looked perfectly clear? It's usually due to artificial flavors (and quite a bit of added sugar), whereas we only use infusions and purees made from real fruit and herbs.

  • Delivered straight to your doorstep

    Neat is proudly made, bottled, and shipped from our manufacturing partner in PA straight to your doorstep. No more last-minute trips lugging heavy bottles from the store!

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served neat, chilled, and with friends

Our favorite way to enjoy Neat is the way flavored Korean soju is typically consumed - poured as a shot, cold, and of course, neat. At 13% abv, you'll actually enjoy drinking it on its own. Don't let us cramp your style though; if shooting or sipping isn't your thing, neat can also be mixed with seltzers or light beers (typically called somaek in Korean!).