Neat was started by two childhood best friends, Michael and Perry. As Asian Americans, we fell in love with soju after being introduced by our Korean friends. Not only was it easy to drink and delicious, but we made some of our best memories with it - late nights hanging out with friends, pregames in NYC’s Koreatown, and pairing it with amazing food.

As we’ve gotten older, we feel that the mainstream, imported Korean sojus are becoming too sweet and artificial. The hangovers are not getting any better either. After one too many nights with the infamous green bottles, we set out to make a version that kept the same easy drinkability but made with real fruit flavors.

Neat is so uniquely tied to our Asian American identity, and we wanted it to be a brand that represented us. We're a soju-inspired, low-abv spirit that pays homage to a drink we know and love, but made with less sugar and all natural flavors. Cheers!